Fun Writing for Kids

There are 3 parts of writing that children are taught. Using the similar tilt throughout writing, identical size of the letters, and letter construction. With the first attempt, kids should only focus on one object at a time. Building the letters is very important but should only be done one by one. Teaching them a little bit at a time can enhance their brain. Too much information at one time can cause the children to be confused.

Ways to make it fun

Making it fun for kids shouldn't be a challenge at all. Kids actually learn better when the activity is fun for them. They will remember things like sounds. So, why not have a particular song that will make them remember how to write? Teaching can be fun if the kids are actually learning. They should start with circular shapes and they should also start with horizontal and vertical lines.

Children can learn the strategies of writing once they master drawing lines. Triangle and square shapes are also important for their writing. Once this has been done the teaching of short and easy words must be taught. It doesn't matter how big or small those letters are at this point. They will get the hang of it by tracing. Ensure they have plenty of samples of their work so they can go back and see how they previously wrote the letters and words.

Kids that are learning to write should always practice everyday. This is the only way they will have a systematic memory of how to write. Proper writing skills takes time and kids need to increase their skills by constantly being tested. They learn their name, first, then comes putting letters together to create a single word. There should be no judgement made to a child that is learning to become better at writing. It is also the responsibility of the parent to use their own strategies at home.

Teachers can do their part during the day and the parents should also have the teachers back in evenings, on the weekends, and even in the grocery store. More kids these days learn hands on so if a parent is in the grocery store, they can start by showing the kids easy items like eggs. Eggs is a four letter word with two similar letters within that word. A song can be made that includes sounding the word out in a funny way.


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